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New USB Adjustable DC Stabilizer Power Supply


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Output Power


Output voltage


Output current


working environment

input voltage:AC 230V/115V±10%;50Hz/60Hz

Working temperature:0℃~40℃;relative humidity:<80%RH

Storage temperature:-10℃~70℃;relative humidity:<70%RH

Constant voltage CV

Voltage stability:0.1%±3mV

Load stability: 0.2%±3mV

Ripple voltage:≤0.5% Vp-p

0 to rated voltage continuously adjustable

constant current CC

Current stability:0.1%±3mA

Load stability: 0.2%±3mA

Ripple current:≤0.5% Vp-p

Recovery time:≤500μS

Temperature coefficient:≤100ppm/℃

0 to rated current continuously adjustable


LED digit display

Display accuracy:0.5%±digits

Display resolution: voltage 0.01V, current 0.001A

  1. high precision and small size: The power supply adopts 4-digit LED display, voltage display 0.01V, current display 0.001A. voltage, current, power three windows display (0~120V/0~10A adjustable). Weighing only 2.47 pounds, the size (7.48*3.54*5.9 inches) is easy to carry.
  2. digital adjustment: This power supply is encoder adjustment, it can be pre-set to the parameters you need and through the OUTPUT button to turn on or off the output of the power supply (when you trigger the OCP protection can press the OUTPUT button to lift the protection state)
  3. USB fast charging interface: the power supply is configured with 18W fast charging interface, supporting a variety of fast charging protocols. Automatically adapted to the fast charging protocol of the device being charged. The USB can save your workbench space and power your electronics.
  4. CC/CV automatic switching: constant voltage and constant current values can be preset by coding knob, and automatically switch CC/CV state according to the load state. The product has OVP, OCP, SCP, temperature-controlled heat dissipation and other perfect protection mechanisms to effectively extend the service life of the product.
  5. OCP short circuit protection function: press the CURRENT code switch for 3 seconds (can turn on or off the short circuit protection alarm function). ocp enabled, when the external load short circuit or overcurrent power supply will stop output and sound an alarm (can effectively protect the tested products)

1x DC power supply

1x power cord (EU,US,UK,AU)

3x Test line

1x Instructions







Brand Name






Output Current




Output Frequency


Model Number


Output Type


Output Power

201 – 300W

Function 1

DC power supply

Function 2

30v power supply

Function 3

Bench Power Supply


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